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Valentines Day

Hands up who is glad January is out of the way? With an enlarged waistline, an empty wallet, bad weather and of course, the HMRC, January can be tough. The good news is February has arrived, and now it’s time for Sheffield, and the rest of South Yorkshire to get all romantic on Valentine’s Day.

The key ingredients to a nice romantic evening are fancy food, a good bottle of vino, and of course a date. But of equal importance to all these things, a softly lit, ambient and seductive setting.

A candle or two will certainly add to this, but do not create enough light on their own to see properly, not always a bad thing on blind dates, but never good when you can’t see what is on your dinner plate.

This is where controlling lighting with dimmers can be most effective. All kinds of dimmers are on the market, standard dial dimmers, pull switch dimmers, and now electronic dimmers.
These electronic dimmers are state of the art, with smart phone capabilities – they can be switched on remotely. Mobile apps make doing this easy, just like flicking a switch, so to speak.

You can also program the system to bring outside lights on after sunset, and then turn off at midnight. Or your lighting could automatically adjust depending on the amount of natural light present in the room. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you are interested in controlling your lighting in the twenty first century with this sophisticated new technology, or just want to know more, then get in touch straight away to discuss the options available to you. 

Thanks for reading, make sure you join me next time when I’ll be discussing simple tips to help ensure your home electrics are safe. 

Ashley Boxall
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