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If its lighting you need, you have come to the right place.

We offer many different types of lighting systems, for a multitude of purposes, and we will always advice regarding the most energy efficient solutions that are available, giving you the customer more choice.

Task lighting

Lighting that is primarily functional, such as lighting up those steep steps in the garden, lighting up a car park, under cabinet lighting in your kitchen or a simple reading light for the bedroom. The list is endless.

Ambient lighting

Can also be task related, but primarily this type of lighting gives back ground light that is not intrusive, but subtle instead, yet still serves a function. For example, kick board or pelmet lighting in a kitchen, stairway lighting, floor lighting or decking lighting.

Accent lighting

So you have just spent a fortune on lovely plants and bushes in your garden, but when it goes dark they vanish out of sight, so why not light them up. Accent lighting is the lighting up of specific features, such as trees, statues, sculptures or signs. And when it's done right, it looks great.

The lighting industry has come a long way in recent years, and there is now more choice than ever before. The lighting you choose could need a variety of control measures, such as timers, photocells, motion sensors and control panels, we will always ensure you get the control you need.

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