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Re-wire your home - the Progressive way

If you need a re-wire, where all the electrical cables and accessories in a home are replaced with new, then you have certainly come to right place.

Here at Progressive, we see a re-wire as an opportunity to not only install new cables, but to install them in a much more practical way, and future proof a home with cables that are prepared for tomorrows world.

We believe the 'little things' can make a huge difference. For example, have you noticed that behind almost every television in an average living room, there is a real tangle of wires, plugs, and adaptors? We did, so as standard we install three double socket outlets behind the televisions location.

We also install three light switches in the bedroom, one near the door, and one at each bedside ensuring you do not have to negotiate the route to bed in the dark. Staying in the bedroom, it seems people nowadays are always one bed side socket outlet short, so Progressive install triple socket outlets at each side of the bed. Simple yet very effective forward thinking.

A re-wire can be intrusive in the home and cause damage to plaster etc, so it is important that not only the cables you need now are installed, but also the ones you might need later. As standard, Progressive installs TV aerials in each bedroom as well as the living room. They can be used as TV points, or DAB radio points, but the main thing is they are there when needed.

We have discussed installing electrics internally, what about externally? Often overlooked when planning a re-wire is outside lighting and outdoor weather proof socket outlets, Progressive do not overlook such requirements.

Data points are also of great importance when you consider the wide range of uses they have. This could be an excellent internet connection, phone points, or even HDMI outlets. It is always better to be prepared and as technology moves on in great leaps, so too must the electrical service you receive.

During a re-wire, it is a good opportunity to also install an intruder alarm. Progressive look to offer this and a re-wire as a package, where great savings can be made, with a lot less inconvenience.

So what makes a Progressive re-wire stand out from the rest - it is simply our commitment to carry out the most effective design and installation of an electrical system, considering our customer's lifestyle and technological needs, in order to deliver a top notch service that is second to none.