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Enables households to power lighting and other electrical equipment straight from DC power that is stored in a battery charged during the night when energy is much cheaper, or from PV solar panels.

LED lamps essentially run on DC (direct current) power, so for example, GU10 LED lamps that are connected to mains 230V AC (alternating current) actually have to rectify the voltage from AC to DC, and transform the voltage from 230V to 12V. All this happens within the lamp itself, but it uses, or should we say, wastes power.

What if the voltage was already 12V DC when it arrived at the lamp, this is what DC power systems achieve. It cuts out the energy using process of rectification, therefore reducing your electricity bill. The technology is rather simple, and as LED lamps become more and more popular, so will DC power systems.

There is a wide range of LED lights on the market today, and not just down lighters. Track lighting, wall lights, outside lights, all these and more, are available using LEDs, even chandeliers. But it isn't just lighting that can benefit, laptops, DAB radios, and even some modern televisions run on DC power, and these too will be cheaper to run using a DC power system.

But wait, the best is yet to come. DC power can easily be stored in a battery. So, with a DC power system you can charge a battery, either at night when the cost of electricity is cheap, or during the day if you have PV solar panels, and then use this stored energy when you need it. So if you store the energy at night while you sleep, it will be there ready to use the next day. If you have solar PV, the battery will charge during the day while you are out or at work, and when you arrive home after sunset, the stored energy can be used for lighting and DC electrical equipment.

This really is fantastic technology, and a system can even be retrofitted with ease, as the existing wiring in a house can be used, so no more wiring is needed.

Progressive Electrical Solutions only use the best equipment available, and that's why the only DC power system we install is Smart DC by Moixa Technology. All the components are designed to work together, and monitoring devices are available to use your energy the smart way.

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