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Reduces the voltage coming into your home, therefore reducing power consumption, and prolonging the life of electrical equipment.

This technology works by reducing the voltage coming into your premises, this could be your home or a small business, to a voltage that most electrical appliances can run at. By lowering the voltage, you automatically reduce the power consumption, prolong the life of electrical equipment and most importantly save both carbon and money.

Installing this equipment is not intrusive and can be retro-fitted with ease in between your import meter and your consumer unit (fuse board).

Here at Progressive Electrical Solutions, we believe in using the best equipment available at the most reasonable price, which is why we only install the VO4HOME voltage optimisation unit. Boasting a range of excellent attributes, VO4HOME offers the perfect solution to those who wish to save money and help the environment. VO4HOME's ability to optimise the whole home is what makes them stand out from other competitors. With VO4HOME, there is no need to separate the circuits that can be optimised, from those that cannot, something that has to be done with many other voltage optimisation units on the market.

The VO4HOME unit achieves electricity savings between £130 - £200 per year. For added peace of mind, a 10% saving is guaranteed and in the rarity that this is not achieved, customers will be refunded £100 of the unit price.

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