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Energy efficient cooking on the hob, using induction to directly heat a cooking pot, rather than heat transfer from electrical coils or burning gas.

This fantastic technology is revolutionising the way we cook. The hob in your kitchen has traditionally been electric or gas and both have certain problems. Electric hobs are inefficient as they are slow, and once the coils are hot, they stay that way even after you switch off the power, so wasting energy. Cooking can be difficult with electric hobs too, due to the lack of control. Gas hobs on the other hand, do give better control, but at the price of higher energy bills as gas is more expensive than electricity.

Induction hobs are electric, but work in a very different way to usual electric hobs. A copper coil inside the hob is directly beneath the area where the cooking pot sits, electric current flows through the coil, and creates a magnetic field, which induces an electric current into the cooking pot which must be made of ferromagnetic material. This creates resistance, and then heat, which cooks the food.

This type of cooking is highly efficient due to a number of reasons. It is faster. It gives instant control, similar to burning gas. And because the air around the cooking pot is not being heated, heat loss is minimal.

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