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Generate your own electricity using solar panels on your roof, and get paid for each kilowatt you generate through the feed in tariff.

A solar PV (photo voltaic) system consists of solar panels, or modules, connected together on an ideally south facing roof that generate DC (direct current) electricity, and an inverter, usually sited in the loft space that changes the DC electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity that can be used by the home.

For every unit of energy generated, whether used by the home or released onto the electricity grid, the owner of the installation receives cash through the Feed in tariff. The feed in tariff may have recently been reduced to 22 pence per kilowatt, but it is still a great time to have this technology installed. The installation cost has been significantly reduced to absorb the lower feed in tariff price, and more and more ingenious ways of using or harnessing the energy you generate, such as DC Power systems, are now available.

Progressive Electrical Solutions works with EnergyClever Ltd, the partnership of Azure Eco Ltd and PV Solar Systems UK Ltd, two established, MCS registered solar panel installers based in South Yorkshire, and assists with the electrical aspect of an installation. Join the thousands of happy customers that are currently benefiting from solar power, and start saving money, and the environment.

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