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Reducing energy costs by controlling lighting, heating and ventilation using much more sophisticated equipment than normal controls.

Inside most homes, lighting is controlled with switches that are on, or off. Some homes do have dimmer switches, but these rely on manual adjustment. What if the lighting in your home automatically adjusted depending on the amount of light already in the room? This technology and much more is available and will reduce energy costs. In most cases, installation is quick and easy meaning retrofit is almost always an option that is not intrusive, in other words messy.

Also, not just lighting can be controlled this way, so can heating. Room thermostats in most cases lack real accuracy, and can lead to wasted energy. Intelligent thermostats can control the warmth of a room much more accurately, in fact to 0.1 of a degree in some cases, leading to energy savings. They can also 'learn' your energy using behaviour in order to further reduce energy usage.

Here at Progressive we only install the best, and that is why we install intelligent controls by CP Electronics. With their wide range of products and technical expertise, they have developed second to none controls that effectively pay for themselves through their efficiency.

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